I contacted Rosie Ellison at Film Edinburgh looking for some work as she sent out an email saying she as looking for an intern. This is the message i sent:

Dear Ms. Ellison,

I am very interested in the opportunity to work with you at Film Edinburgh. I remember the talk you gave at the college last year and found the role Film Edinburgh plays in the local industry fascinating and was impressed at how you managed to run the office on your own. I would love the chance to help out wherever and whenever I can and hopefully learn more about the local film industry from someone as experienced and as knowledgeable as you.
I have some experience working as a production office runner for Mentorn Scotland as well as working with the public and arranging location agreements on my own projects. I know this isn’t much but I’m a dedicate worker, I learn fast and I have a professional manner. I don’t currently have a job so I could work anytime during the week and I’m eager to get some work to keep me busy outside of my own projects.
If you would like to find out more about me to see if I’m suitable for the job I’d love to meet up and get you a coffee sometime this week and talk more about how we could help each other out.
Kind Regards,
Along with my CV attached.
This was on Monday. I still haven’t heard back yet.