I went down to both Canongate Studios and Finiflex but was unsuccessful at both. Neither of them do work experience for much of the same reason as RED. They also said that the best thing to do was go to London as there is more work there.

After having no success with the sound studios in Edinburgh (and not wanting to go down to London) i’m going to go into some video production companies. I’ll start with The Leith Agency  (leith.co.uk) and Freakworks (freak-works.com).

I’m also going to look for a work placement in theatre by asking local theatre groups if they need any assistance with the sound design for any up coming shows they have. While this is not part of video production it does have many similarities with lighting and sound and especially sound design, therefore i think it would be good experience to have when looking for a job in sound design in the future. I will also let me achieve the goal of this work experience. The two groups I will contact first are The Edinburgh Makars (edinburghmakars.com)and Leitheatre (leitheatre.com).