I am going to be assisting with the lighting for a local theatre group during their May production. The group is called the Edinburgh Makars and the play they will be performing is called “Good Things” by written by Liz Lochhead.

The Director of the play, Josiphenie Barrow, contacted me asking if i would do the lighting operation during the show.

Although lighting is not what I initially set out to do for the work experience it will allow me to meet my goals and improve in most of the areas I set out to do such as; improve my communication skills, become better at networking and working under pressure to a deadline, as well as giving me experience in a related field to sound and more importantly in theatre. Experience I can use to get more work in the future.

As well as Jo I will be working with the groups usual technician Martin Burnell and the venues technician John Treadgold.

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