On Tuesday the 2nd of May at 10 in the morning I met Andrew Hawdon, the stage manager, Mike Appleby, one of the actors in the play as well as the person that would be advising me on setting up the lights at the venue as he has experience doing the lights at the Churchill Theatre, along with some of the other back stage crew, at the Makars store rooms on Canongate where I help them load the van with all of the set flats and props. We then made our way to the theatre where I helped unload the van.

As most of the crew were putting up the set Mike and I met with one of the venue technicians Mark. As the last show at the Churchill was a choir group all of the lights needed adjusting to give an even coverage for the play. Mark would do most of the adjusting of the lights for the stage and show me how to use the desk while I then programmed the desk into the submasters we would need for the show and then create the cues. Mike was on hand to teach me more about lighting and sound for theatre as well as other theatre and stage termanology and typical set ups. i.e. the different types of curtains – tabs, travelers, legs – and how using too much white light is avoided as it tends to flatten everything so the lights pointing to stage right are usually cool while the ones pointing towards stage left are warm. Once I had finished the cues I checked with both Mike and Jo to make sure they were okay and once I had gotten there approval I saved the cues list onto the desk as well as a separate usb stick as back up.

I also help Mark set up and test the sound desk so that we could use the clubs laptop as the source. This just involved plugging the laptop into the 2 aux channels on the desk so all the sound could be controlled from the laptop. I had already programmed the sound cues for the show into the laptop so all I had to do was adjust the levels and pans to better match what was happening on stage and to make sure the loudness did not break and health and safety noise regulations.

Once this was all done and the set was ready we all had a break and went for something to eat. Afterwards the actors started to arrive and we went through a complete dress/technical rehearsal of the play. We managed to finished at 10pm as planned and at the end Jo said that she was pleased with how everything was turning out, I turned off the sound and lighting desks and we went home.