Wednesday the 3rd of May was the second technical rehearsal. As everything was set up the day before we didn’t need to arrive at the theatre until 6pm which was nice as I was feeling quite badly ill that day and had spent the morning in bed sick. I managed to make it to the theatre on time though and because Jo was happy with the lighting and sound I had done the previous night I didn’t need to change anything for the play itself and I just had to sit at the desks and operate the sound and lights. Although Jo asked if I could change the pre-show music to one that Martin brought with him, so i switched that into the laptop cues list and the backstage crew did ask if I could give them more light backstage during the intervals between acts as they were changing scenery, so I added in a couple more submasters to give me better control over backstage lighting. Radio communication between myself and the stage manager Andrew improved and I got better with the timings of the sound and lighting cues together so the second rehearsal went a lot smoother than the first both on and off stage.